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VP/Head of Product 

Salut is looking for an ambitious Head of Product to join the founding team. This is a unique opportunity to build the product vision, strategy, and organization for Salut from the ground up.

Working closely with the CEO, CTO, Director of Talent and Community, and a strong team of engineers, you’ll join at an inflection point in our growth and play a pivotal role in the future of the company. 

You’ll build and execute on the product roadmap, and are responsible for the end-to-end user experience for both trainers and their customers. 

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Social Media Marketing Manager - HIRED

Working closely with the founding team, you will be responsible for building the Salut brand via social channels including Instagram and TikTok, among others. You will define the strategy, build the plan, and execute.  

In addition to organic social media, you will drive our paid social acquisition strategies. You will manage a budget, outside agencies, measurement, and reporting.  

The Social Media Manager will also build a training and education program to help arm Salut trainers with the tools they need to effectively promote their profiles and classes on Salut. 

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Why This is a Great Opportunity

Director of Talent and Community - HIRED

Salut exists to help trainers be successful in virtual fitness. Working closely with the CEO, you will define this foundational role and have a long-term lasting impact on the business. You are dedicated to the success of our growing community of fitness creators

You will be responsible for acquiring, onboarding, and helping trainers succeed on Salut. You are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to reach out to trainers. You experiment with a wide range of strategies including direct sales, social media, paid acquisition, email marketing, content marketing, and guerilla marketing in order to drive trainer awareness, acquisition, and conversion.

You are in close contact with trainers and actively gather feedback. You report regularly, measure obsessively, and optimize constantly. You are trainers’ first contact and the face that they know and trust.

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Why This is a Great Opportunity